Summertime easy.


Summer is a time when you get to reminisce, enjoy the warmer weather, fresh foods, visit with friends and family during one of my favorite holidays Fourth of July. I usually love remembering all my childhood times and reconnecting with those people i used to spend all summertime with when i was very young. It is a time to endure the fun that comes with summertime with open arms. Next, comes the fashion because of course that is what is also the most entertaining.

Summertime clothing can be a fun time to match your event to your clothes whether it is a wedding or brunch with friends. If you are lucky during the summertime evenings you won’t need a jacket to cover up in case the weather gets chilly. My go to site in the US is They offer great dresses also tops, jackets and accessories but I mostly go to them for an occasion dress. Below are some great ideas for any upcoming weddings you have for the summer. Happy shopping!

Pretty Navy Blue Dress – $ 49 at

Next- The Print Maxi – Perfect for outside and casual backyard weddings and to transform into a beautiful evening dress paired with a dark denim jacket or white blazer. Orig. $68 (on sale $ 54)

Chic Red Blazer – $ 49

Thanks for stopping by! Happy summer to all of you! Enjoy the fresh food, friends and the sunshine!



Be Grateful.


Best Friends Episode!

We have had endless days of rain. At almost one week away from Thanksgiving our weather is getting closer to cold and closer to taking out our winter down jackets.

With all that has been happening in the world, i can’t help but feel grateful for the people and events that keep me forgetting about how scary the world can really be.

I think it is important we take a special moment to thank the people that make us smile and the events with the people we love that make us smile and laugh to continue to keep living our lives.

I am so thankful for my family- that loves me unconditionally,  my high school sweetheart- who puts up with my crazy ideas, the people that challenge my everyday thoughts, and my close girlfriends that are the most understanding when i fail or fall.

Prior to Thanksgiving it’s always fun to think about what to wear to your family gatherings.  I’ve always thought a cute wool dress is fun, but once you start talking and enduring wine you find yourself rethinking the idea of wool because it is so warm and there can be so many people in the kitchen at one time it can feel like 100 degrees! The past few years i have decided to go the comfortable route. See below some fun ideas:

This top is now available at on sale for $ 54.99.

Cute Madewell Top!


After family time, I will be spending this year not shopping the deals but hanging with family and catching up on the James Bond marathon while sipping hot totties on the couch.


Cheers to everyone and a happy Thanksgiving. Be grateful, Be thankful and be kind.



I really adore fall. It lets you transition into winter with ease.  This Fall in Minnesota has been the most beautiful weather filled with great colors from the trees.

You start to realize what you need to get done in order to get ready for winter. Especially in Minnesota when the temps come down to -30 almost daily at some points. It is best to be prepared with warm boots and jackets, even when the air jut gets to point of crisp and cool you just need that perfect layer to warm you up and keep you cozy.

I have found great deals at, and

This jacket has become a staple to my closet.


Also, this plaid from BB Dakota has been a great peice to add if going out in a cute LBD for dinner or for a evening fall wedding. You can also wear it out to dinner with your girls.


I am a bit obsessed with the entire buffalo check look. I wanted to add this reasonably priced jacket starting at $ 39.90! Great warm jacket to add to your wardrobe without having to starve the next week or able to make rent you can afford this piece.


Hope you all are enjoying Fall and visiting your local orchards! 🙂

Happy Fall all!


This is has been quite a fun and exciting year.  Wordpress has let me discover new avenues of fellow fashion lovers around the world. I have gotten fashion advice, gained friendships from around the world and been able to explore a new avenue.  It was such a surprise to get nominated for the “versatile blogger award” from the Darly at  Darly’s lifestyle blog intrigued from the start because she offers darling posts of sequin shorts and adorable DIY gift ideas. She has recently nominated me for the versatile blogger award i can’t wait to jump in!

1. A few facts behind Harbor Fashion.

  • Oh Minnesota, a place that when it snows, fulfills my reason to why i continue to live in Minnesota.
  • I yearn for a black and white great dane or a yorkie. I could go either way! 🙂
  • Barre class is incredible and i think that everyone should do it!
  • I love running 5K’s, a goal of mine is to attempt a 10K by the end of the summer.
  • Trying to land a headstand on a paddle board can look incredibly easy on you tube videos. Maybe this summer i’ll finally land the headstand paddle boarding this year.
  • I heart Nashville, it is such a blast, All of it! I wish i could go back! Maybe this time with cowboy boots 🙂

2. I nominate the wonderful girls below:

  1. Michaela from
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Again, a gigantic thank you to Darly at!

Thanks for all the love. Cheers to a new year of meeting great people.

Rules for Versatile Award: 

1. Show the award on your blog.

2. Thank the person who nominated you.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 blogs.

5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.

Nashville TN

Experiencing Nashville, TN was a lifetime opportunity. Realizing all there is in Nashville and so much history and fame behind it.  I stayed in a hotel called the Omni.  This place is pure elegance. Not to mention that the man whom helped us with our luggage to our room was especially nice and told us many fun memories he has made himself.

This hotel is newer and many conferences and work meetings happen here. This is the place you go when you really want to impress a work party.

We were so excited to get to Nashville because this was our last stretch from driving from Minneapolis to Fort Lauderdale. If you ever have the chance to drive to get somewhere and you didn’t have to be there in a big hurry i highly recommend a fun road trip with your pals or other siblings. You learn a lot about yourself and others when you take on the road ahead.

If i could go back to Nashville i would stay a few more nights. The bar scene and the night life was incredible.  We stayed on a roof top bar and listened to a live band all night. I will be back again!

What was your favorite place in the US to visit?



Organic & James.

Organic & James.

James Perse blue top
$230 –

James Perse gray racerback tank
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James Perse racer back tank
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James Perse cotton jersey skirt
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Jules Smith bullet earrings

14k gold earrings
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Antipodes lip care
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Alabaster sculpture